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Various Works of Art done by Arnoldo Rivero

My Spiritual Art Journey

My spiritual art journey began very early in my childhood.  As a priest’s child, I have fond childhood memories of my mother bringing a sketchpad and crayons for me to…

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Worshipping In The Easter Triduum

At this time when we are unable to gather and worship together in person, St. Philip's is adapting the liturgies to make them meaningful and relevant to those who are…

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New Zoom Security Measures – What does this mean for St. Philip’s?

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Zoom has experienced a sudden and unexpected increase in the number of Zoom users. We are all Zooming these days - to…

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Palm Sunday in Holy Week

Holy Week: Preparing Amid Covid-19

Grace and peace be with you: About three months ago we chalked our houses with an Epiphany blessing. Before that they were decorated for Christmas, and before that for Thanksgiving,…

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Outdoor Opportunities for Prayer and Contemplation

As this social distancing extends into a future for an unknown time, we will all become more anxious to be about our normal activities, especially as the weather warms up,…

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RSS Interrupting the Silence

  • Interpreters Of The Present Time – A Sermon On Luke 12:49-56
    “How is Uvalde?” How many of you have been asked that question? I have. I suspect it’s a conversation we’ve all had whether about Uvalde or another situation. It’s the obvious and natural thing to talk about after any kind of… Read More Interpreters Of The Present Time – A Sermon On Luke 12:49-56
  • If That’s What Faith Is Like … – A Sermon On Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16
    “By faith Abraham … set out [for a place], not knowing where he was going.” How’s your faith these days? I ask that question because there are events, times, and seasons in each of our lives when everything we thought… Read More If That’s What Faith Is Like … – A Sermon On Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16
  • Can I Get An “Amen”? – A Sermon On Luke 11:1-13
    “Lord, teach us to pray,” one of the disciples asked Jesus in today’s gospel (Luke 11:1-13). I wonder what’s behind his request. When you reflect on your own life of prayer what do you imagine he’s really asking? In what… Read More Can I Get An “Amen”? – A Sermon On Luke 11:1-13
  • Choosing The Better Part – A Sermon On Luke 10:38-42
    “Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things.”  Given everything that has happened the last couple of months in Uvalde, our nation, and the world, not to mention whatever has gone on in our personal lives, those words… Read More Choosing The Better Part – A Sermon On Luke 10:38-42
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