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Staycation Bible School

It's time for Vacation Bible School - a highlight for many children during the long summer months. It's a time to learn about God's love in fun and exciting ways with…

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Arnoldo Romero

My Apostleship Journey

By: The Rev. Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA In retrospect, my journey to apostleship began during childhood. Not only did I play priest as a child, but as I got older I…

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Staycation Bible School 2020

Vacation Bible School is often a highlight for many children during the long summer months. It's a time to learn about God's love in fun and exciting ways with crafts, songs…

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Stuff the Bus – Supplies to Succeed

St. Philip's will once again be participating with the annual stuff the bus campaign with the Uvalde C.I.S.D. With so many families experiencing financial hardship due to Covid-19, UCISD is…

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Arnoldo Romero

St. Philip’s Welcomes Deacon for Six Months

A little more than a year ago Mr. Arnoldo Romero came to St. Philip’s as our field education student. For the past three years Arnoldo has been studying in the…

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RSS Interrupting the Silence

  • No Temptation, No Salvation – A Sermon On Mark 1:9-15
    Over the last several years I’ve found myself, more often than not, rethinking and working to unlearn much of what I’ve been told and come to believe and understand about God and what it means to be in relationship with the Divine. I’ve encouraged you to do the same. It’s part of my teaching and […]
  • No Dust, No Life – An Ash Wednesday Sermon On Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21
    One of the things I know about myself is that I am not a singer. You know it too. Some of you have told me I’m not. But did you know that I can play the trumpet and I’m pretty good at it?  Here’s what I mean by that. I remember a session in which […]
  • The Lenten Treasure Hunt
    For many in the Church Lent begins today with Ash Wednesday. It’s forty days long, reflecting the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness. It’s a time to prepare for the new life that will be revealed on Easter Sunday. Lent is usually characterized by fasting, self-denial, and repentance. Even if Lent is not a […]
  • Seeing And Living Transfigured Lives – A Sermon On Mark 9:2-9
    Today’s gospel (Mark 9:2-9), the story of the transfiguration, is one of those big stories from scripture. It’s a mountaintop experience of dazzling white clothes, Elijah and Moses talking with Jesus, and a cloud from which God speaks.  It’s such a big story that it can easily feel a bit too fantastical, too unreal, and […]
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