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Staycation Bible School

Staycation Bible School

It’s time for Vacation Bible School – a highlight for many children during the long summer months. It’s a time to learn about God’s love in fun and exciting ways with crafts, songs and more. This year is different. We’re not able to meet in person but  your children can still participate – just in a different way.

 . .  So Let’s Get Started!

Session 1: Turn
What ways do I grow when I turn toward Jesus’ love?
Session 1 Lesson “Turn” – Presented by Susanna Green (21 Minutes)
Session 1 – Music

Craft Materials Needed:
Construction Paper or Cardstock
A glue stick or Elmer’s glue
Old Magazines, newspapers or photos
Crayons, markers, colored pencils, pens or paint
Leaves, sticks other things from nature that remind you of God.

Session 2: Learn
Lord God help me LEARN how to love like Jesus
Session 2 Lesson “Learn” – Presented by Sarah Kates (18:03 Minutes)
Session 2 – Music

Craft Materials Needed:  
Blanket or jacket
a few pennies
3-4 actors
4-5 sheets of construction paper
jar or bowl to decorate

Session 3 – Pray
What do you say when you talk to God?

Session 3 Lesson “Pray” – Presented by Cathy Villani (37:07 Minutes)
Session 3 – Music
Craft Materials Needed:  
10 pieces of construction paper
1 large sheet of construction paper
5 dark green pipe cleaners

Session 4 – Worship
Worship is holy, it’s special and good. 
Session 4 Lesson “Worship” – Presented by Jennifer Murphy (38:56 Minutes)
Session 4 – Music
Craft Materials Needed:  
Copy of finger labyrinth
Puffy paint or yarn (or blades of grass)
Crayons, markers, colored pencils or paints

Session 5 – Bless
Share faith and unselfishly give and serve.
Session 5 Lesson “Bless” – Presented by Halleta Heinrich (18:44 Minutes)
Session 5 – Music
Craft Materials Needed:  
Blessing Stone -smooth stone, water proof paint, small paint brushes
Blessing Cone – paper, tape, ribbon, hole puncher, crayons or markers
Blessing Bags – gallon size Ziplock bags
Snack Bag – granola bar, pop top canned protein, apple sauce cup, juice box, small bag of chips or crackers
Hygiene Bag – deodorant, small comb or brush, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste

Session 6 – Go
Cross boundaries, live deeply and live like Jesus.
Session 6 Lesson “Go” – Presented by Cheryl Smith (20:17 Minutes)
Session 6 – Music
Craft Materials Needed:  

Session 7 – Rest
Receive the gift of God’s grace, peace and restoration.
Session 7 Lesson “Rest” – Presented by Kris Spilker (43:39 Minutes)
Session 7 – Music
Craft Materials Needed:  
Paper or small sketch book
Colored pencils
Watercolor paints cup of water, paintbrush

We would love to have videos and photos of your children participating in Staycation Bible School 2020 that we can share with everyone. Photos and videos can be sent to


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