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Loving Our Neighbors During An Election

Loving our Neighbors During an Election

“I want us to have a conversation about the upcoming election.”

That’s what I told the vestry at our September meeting about a week and a half ago. As soon as I said those words the anxiety level went up – theirs and mine. Some said we shouldn’t do that, couldn’t do that. Others were just quiet. A few thought we needed to have the conversation. I thought we could have the conversation but wasn’t at all sure about where the conversation would go or how it would end.

We had the conversation and it was one of the best conversations the vestry has had in a long time. What made our conversation so meaningful is that it was less about the content of the conversation, and more about our way of being toward one another as we had the conversation. Read more about the conversation in Barbara Edward’s article which was included in our recent e-news.

As a result of that meaningful discussion the vestry is implementing a couple of practices that focus on our way of being toward one another.

As we move forward in this election season I would like us to carry a few questions – not so much to be answered but to be followed:

  • What does it mean to be a Christian during this time?
  • What are the values, qualities, and characteristics we see in Jesus’ life that are most needed at this time, and how will we embody those?
  • What is being called for or asked of us as individuals and as a parish?
  • How do we best support and care for ourselves and one another?

God’s peace be with you, — Mike+

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