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Baptism, Confirmation, Reception & Renewal of Baptismal Vows

Are you curious about or interested in baptism, confirmation, reception, or renewal of baptismal vows? Do you want to know more? Start with the baptismal liturgy in the Book of…

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Are you a member of St. Philip’s?

If not - are you ready to be? All through our lives we come to times of transition and change. More often than not these days are marked with some…

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I Sing, You Sing, We All Sing for Ice Cream!

Come for fun and fellowship to Briscoe Hall on August 6th at 5:30 p.m. Summer may be hot but ice cream is so good and homemade ice cream is the…

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Blood Drive at St. Philip’s

Give a pint - get a pint (of ice cream) and more! Meeting the blood needs is not always easy for the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, especially in…

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Let’s Walk!

We all know the value of walking, but sometimes we don't always take the time for this beneficial exercise. What if you could combine a walk, with spending time with…

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Coming to the First May 24th Anniversary

One of the things I’ve learned about grief is that there are very few, if any, answers. There is only the next step. We are about to take a big…

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Love Heals

During the "We Will Continue . . . And How!" festival in San Marcos last September, keynote speaker, the Rev. Becca Stevens, priest and founder of Thistle Farms, spoke about…

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Council 2023 – By Buzz Barton

It was a privilege to attend Council and represent St. Philip’s. I must admit, I went thinking I knew what was ‘best’ for St. Philip’s and our Diocese only to…

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Come for the Soup – Stay to be Fed

Have you thought about what your lenten discipline will be this year? What about committing to a weekly gathering on Wednesday nights in March for a time of worship and nourishment…

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An Excerpt from Bishop Reed’s Council Address Concerning Uvalde

Below is an excerpt from Bishop Reed's address to Council in Corpus Christi regarding Uvalde.  Click here to read ("Go Baptize and Make Disciples:" The Bishop's Address) to diocesan council…

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Read The Rev. Dr. Michael K. Marsh’s Sermons


RSS Interrupting the Silence

  • Filling The Empty Space – A Trinity Sunday Sermon On John 3:1-17
    Today is Trinity Sunday but I’m not going to say much about the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit. Today, I’m more interested in the empty space. Are you familiar with the empty space in the Trinity? Let me show you what I’m talking about.  This is Andrei Rublev’s icon of the Holy Trinity. […]
  • What’s Your One Thing? – A Sermon On The Second Anniversary Of The Uvalde Mass Shooting
    Wednesday of this week I was at the civic for the press conference announcing a settlement between the City of Uvalde and some of the families whose children died in the Robb School shooting. Two years ago tonight I was at the civic center with families as they awaited an announcement about their children. We […]
  • Evening Worship On The Second Anniversary Of The Uvalde Mass Shooting
    Evening worship on the second anniversary of the Uvalde mass shooting will be offered on Friday, May 24, 2024, at 5:30 p.m. central time, at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Uvalde, Texas. We welcome you to pray with and for us in person today or whenever might be convenient for you. Thank you for your prayers.  Peace be with […]
  • What Is Amazing And Perplexing You? – A Pentecost Sermon On Acts 2:1-21
    I’m going to begin with a couple of questions that ask you to reflect on your life. Since today is the Feast of Pentecost they are questions about the Holy Spirit in your life. You ready? Here’s my first question. What is amazing you today? I’m talking about the kind of amazement that deepens your […]
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