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Love Heals

Love Heals

During the “We Will Continue . . . And How!” festival in San Marcos last September, keynote speaker, the Rev. Becca Stevens, priest and founder of Thistle Farms, spoke about Thistle Farms’ new ministry in Ukraine. Ukrainian women were requesting headlamps so that they would have light in the dark bunkers where they were sheltering during the Russian invasion. They wanted the headlamps also so that they could support their nation’s fight for freedom by knitting garments while in the bunkers.

Thistle Farms works with these women to provide materials and sell their products.

Moved by this witness, Bishop David Reed ordered 87 pairs of warm, knitted socks – one for each congregation in the Diocese. We received our pair of socks this week.

In an effort to raise awareness and hopefully raise some money to support the work of the Ukrainian women, we will raffle our handcrafted socks. Make a donation of $5 or more and your name will be put in the drawing which will happen on Easter Sunday after the flowering of the cross. Raffle tickets can be purchased on Wednesday nights, and Sunday mornings and anytime in the church office.

Against the backdrop of war, women who have fled Ukraine as refugees come together in Poland to create. The work of knitting provides dignity and normalcy during wartime, and women transform their shared space into a community of healing as they talk about hope amidst the grief and loss of war.

Each knitted item holds a story of connection, of a single thread of yarn that was carefully hand-woven into a new product, and of connection between women refugees and the world. From the hands of women from Ukraine to the homes of Thistle Farmers, there is transformation and community.

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and the refugee women. Because just as Love Heals, Love also Rises.

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