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It’s Time To “Re-Connect With IWC At St. Philip’s

It’s time to “Re-Connect with IWC at St. Philip’s

Invite (Evangelism), Welcome (Hospitality), Connect (Belonging) (IWC)

You may remember that several of us have attended Invite Welcome Connect events over the years. We have learned from the collective experience of many ministry leaders and implemented many of the tools and embraced the culture of IWC here at St. Philip’s.

Unfortunately our ministry efforts and the IWC principals were derailed drastically with the pandemic and the subsequent shooting. But now, we have a great opportunity to revive and renew the IWC philosophies here at St. Philip’s by attending the upcoming summit.

Mary Foster Parmer, the author and creator of Invite, Welcome, Connect, will lead a ministry summit on Saturday, September 16th, at Christ Church in San Antonio. Mary has decades of experience in developing a ministry that helps congregations assess the ways they connect to people in their community and invite them into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ as they are incorporated into the congregation.

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions and if you care about the life of this church, then you would be a perfect candidate to attend the upcoming IWC event.

  • How do we invite people to visit our church?
  • Why do some people visit and not return?
  • What are the obstacles that keep people from joining us?
  • What happened with that couple that visited three times and drifted away?
  • How do we do a better job of following up with folks after an event or a visit?
  • How do we create a culture of hospitality across all the ministries of our congregation?
  • How do we empower the laity for ministry?
  • What are practical tools we can use this fall?

I invite you to join me as we revive and renew this IWC philosophy here at St. Philip’s. This is a great opportunity to get as many people as possible to attend this one day conference and bring it back to share with the congregation.

Please contact Cyndy Marsh if you would like to know more or if you are interested in attending the upcoming conference.
Registration is now open.
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