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Crossroads Outreach – How Would You Like To Help?

Crossroads Outreach – How would you like to help?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you all about our Crossroads outreach. I never got it together enough last semester to send out an e-mail but we have still been donating gift cards to Crossroads each month as we did last year. We are going to continue doing it this semester and I would love some volunteers. Just to remind you, we donate 20 gift cards each month. Each gift card needs to be in the amount of $15 and can be from anywhere in town such as HEB, Wal-Mart, Julio’s, fast food restaurants, Starbucks, etc.

If you are interested in helping with this, here’s how:
1. If you would like to sign up for a month please e-mail me directly  or text or call me, 830-374-7024, and tell me the month you’d like. You will need to purchase 20 gift cards that are $15 each from a local place of your choice and drop them off at Crossroads.

2. If you would like to purchase these gift cards with your own money as a donation, that is wonderful but please know, that is not the expectation. If you would like to use the church credit card, that is 100% ok. You can pick it up in the office, buy your gift cards, and then drop the credit card back off at church.

3. If you are just wanting to make a donation but do not want to pick up any gift cards, that is completely fine as well. Just let me know that you would like to do this and then you can write a check to St. Philip’s Episcopal Church with a notation that says “Crossroads” and drop it off at church.

4. When you have purchased your 20 gift cards, you’ll just need to drop them off at Crossroads which is now located at 537 E Oppenheimer St. 

5. Lastly, they will need the gift cards at the beginning of the month this year so before the 10th of each month would be great. We are running late this month. If anyone is available to purchase and drop off gift cards this week for January, please let me know. That would be so helpful! 

I know this is so “wordy.” I tend to add more details than necessary and if I’ve made this too confusing, please just call or text me!

Thank you all for your help with this. Dr. Lopez is always so appreciative and these monthly donations mean a lot to his students!


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