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NEW Logo For The Diocese Of West Texas

NEW Logo for the Diocese of West Texas

It looks like we weren’t the only ones working on a rebranding in 2019. At the recent council of the DWTX, Emily Kittrell, Diocesan Director of Marketing and Communications, unveiled the new logo for the diocese!  Watch Emily’s presentation here. 

A new logo is much more than just a pretty new look. Each part of the logo has meaning and significance to the DWTX. Emily shared a video introducing the new logo, saying “the logo is intended to complement our diocesan shield that you are familiar with. The logo will be at the forefront of our external communications and publications, with inclusion and use of the shield when appropriate for official documents. Let me rephrase – we did not get rid of the shield. It just forgot to call ‘shotgun’ so it’s riding in the backseat.

We hope the new logo will be more usable, more versatile, more inviting, and reflective of who our Church is in 2020.”

Another product of the Marketing and Communications team was the new production of the LOGOS Magazine.

Emily and her dedicated team have worked diligently to develop a strong communications strategy, new logo identity and brand. And there’s more coming, the new DWTX website will be launched sometime in April! If you are not receiving diocesan communications, contact Julie in the church office.

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