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Doing Love!

Doing Love!

How will you love today?

This past Sunday I preached on the two great commandments, to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. We usually associate love with a feeling toward another. We love some people but not others. We love sometimes but not all the time. Love as a feeling is based on circumstances.

Jesus, however, commands love of God and neighbor. I’ve never been able to command a feeling. Have you? It’s either there or it’s not. So maybe Jesus is talking about more than a feeling. Maybe Jesus is talking about an action, a decision, a choice. Biblical love is a commitment to the life and well being of another.

I ended my sermon by saying, “For the love of God and your neighbor, do something.”

So what do we do? What might love look like after Lewiston? After Uvalde? In Israel and Gaza? After the hurricane in Acapulco? Here are some possibilities for doing love:

Love is having a hard time in our world today. What is love’s hope amidst so much violence, tragedy, and heart break? It’s not a what. It’s a who. It’s you and me. We are love’s hope in the world today. How will you love today?

God’s peace be with you,


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