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The Gift Of Years – New Book Study

The Gift of Years – New Book Study

As an older person, I’ve been navigating this stage of my life along with my other senior friends, with our occasional conversations about life’s changes and challenges at this age. Recently, however, I was taken by the idea that was presented through the diocese by Marjorie George who is conducting a Zoom study group for seniors.

When I looked into it, the idea of having our own in-person group for seniors at St. Philip’s was introduced to me – a weekly study and discussion group based on Joan Chittister’s book, The Gift of Years – Growing Older Gracefully and other resources.

I love the book. I’ve only read the introduction and a few chapters, but it’s as if Chittister has written this book to speak directly to me.

From the jacket cover:

The Gift of Years reflects on many aspects of aging, the purposes and concerns, the struggles and surprises, the potential and joys…and perhaps the most important dimension of older age, Joan Chittister illuminates, is to become aware of its profound purpose: These are the capstone years, the time in which a whole new life is in the making again. The gift of these years is not merely being alive, it is the gift of becoming more fully alive than ever.

So will you join me in a weekly discussion? Shall we grow in spirit together? How about including one of your friends from the larger Uvalde community?

The class will begin on Wednesday, May 19th at 10:30 a.m. in Grace Hall. Order your book here and let me or someone in the church office know if you plan to join us!  

I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with each other.

Barbara Edwards

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